Why Eat Raw Foods?

Some people tend to think that food is food, and cooking it or eating it raw doesn’t really make a difference. While it is obviously better to eat cooked healthy food rather than junk foods, there are even more benefits to be had when you eat those same healthy foods raw.

When you cook foods, many of the vitamins and phytonutrients are destroyed or damaged, making them less available for proper assimilation. When these nutrients are missing, your body will immediately notice it. You will be undernourished, and this means you will not be full and satiated for very long. When you increase your nutrient intake by eating raw foods, you will have more energy and feel fuller longer.

Fresh vegetables fallingRaw foods are packed with enzymes, which are essential to life. Without enzymes, life simply would not go on. They are needed for proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients, help with fat loss, energy and every other function that goes on within the human body. Raw foods are rich in enzymes, but cooking foods at above 118 degrees will destroy them. The human body spends a lot of energy digesting foods, so when you incorporate more raw foods into your meal plan you are giving your digestive system a break by supplying more naturally occurring enzymes. This can instantly help improve your energy.

Raw plants also provide protein, which is very easy for the human body to digest and assimilate. Proteins are damaged during high temperature cooking, causing the amino acid chains to congeal.

Eating raw plants provides a great source of protein and fiber, without the cholesterol and fats which can accompany meat proteins. If you’re on the fence about raw foods, try incorporating a few fruits and vegetables here and there. Their high nutritional content and delicious taste may just change your mind, and your health

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