Weight Loss Mindset?

A couple of months ago I wrote an article called “Weight Loss, Mindset & Expectations.”  I want to clarify something when it comes to the proper mindset.  When losing weight, proper focus is the key.  If you focus on just losing weight, your success will most likely not be permanent.  We all know someone who explains how they’ve just lost “x” amount of pounds over a given amount of time, yet their appearance remains virtually the same.  I see this over and over again.  People with the weight loss mindset think in terms of eating less fat and measure their progress on the scale and that’s it.  Their shape has not changed.  They still have no muscle tone and their body fat percentage has probably gone unchanged as well.

Eating fat free cookies and diet soda is not the solution.  The weight loss mindset tends to cause people to follow unsustainable diets or diets that require very little self-discipline, like eating fat free foods that are still loaded with sugar.  You must adopt a “Fitness Mindset.”  When you have a “Fitness Mindset,” you will adhere to a sustainable eating plan that allows you to eat healthy foods that you enjoy and also allows you to have cheat meals that you’ve earned.  You will be more nutrition conscious, and will desire food that builds your body and brings you closer to your desired self-image.

The “Fitness Mindset” motivates you to be active.  Daily activity and a sensible eating plan, along with a clear mental picture of your goal, is the core of having a “Fitness Mindset.”  Have a daily written workout or activity plan and written meal plan. These are your written daily goals that contribute to your personal growth.  The written workout and meal plan is your focused actionable daily goal that incrementally builds your resolve, belief, and results.  The longer you stick to it, the easier it will become because you are creating a new habit and a “NEW MINDSET!”

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