The Weight Loss Secret

tape-measure-scale3Years ago I was taught “The Secret” to weight loss:

1. Think long term- There is no magic pill to weight loss and fitness. Think about it. If there was something magical to help you to achieve your goals it wouldn’t be scientific or rational. There wouldn’t be consequences when using it such as weight fluctuations, gaining back more weight than you lost, mood swings, self-esteem issues, low energy, constant hunger, brain fog, susceptibility to colds & flu, candida yeast infections (that is a whole other topic!), binge eating, etc…
The underlying non-negotiable principle is: THINK LONG TERM!!! You can’t lose a bunch of weight in a very short amount of time. You’ve probably seen advertisements like “Lose 60 lbs in 30 days GUARANTEED!” These kind of programs may work in the short term by restricting calories, increasing your activity levels, implementing stimulants or elevating hormonal levels, but you need to remember from some of my other articles that your body will always strive to achieve homeostasis. When you you take radical steps to achieve weight loss there is always a trade off. In the case of radical weight loss, you trade stability and balance for weight loss. You can not bypass the process.
Take responsibility for the shape you are in right now. You didn’t build that bulge overnight and it won’t go away overnight. Weight loss is a gradual process!

2. Eat Healthy Balanced Small Meals- I know that may sound simple, but it is essential to long term success. The one big problem I see most is that a lot people don’t even know what healthy and balanced means. I had a guy tell me he was on an all fruit diet. I told him he was still getting a lot of sugar in his diet and was not getting enough protein for growth and repair. He actually got mad at me! By eating small meals throughout the day you are allowing your digestive system to work more efficiently. When food doesn’t digest sufficiently it putrifies in your colon. That means it rots, which really taxes your immune system. Putrifaction creates a breeding ground for candida yeast, harmful microforms and parasites. Eating small meals with enough fiber helps prevent this from happening. A balanced diet consists of lean protein, carbohydrates, and fats (omega 3’s). I hope you notice that I didn’t include sugar and fiber. You will get enough sugar from the fruits and vegetables that you eat. I do want to add one more thing, part of a truly balanced diet is eating RAW fruits and vegetables because eating raw is the best way to get your nutrients and get alkaline. It is a simple concept that the type of food that you eat long-term will determine the type of condition you will be in. Food directly affects your mood as well. Your mental and physical health are affected by your diet.

3. Drink Water- This is another shocker I know, but I just felt it was my duty to inform you guys. (Please excuse the sarcasm!) Water is absolutely essential to weight loss and good health. It is my personal belief that many health conditions are related to dehydration. Approximately 62% of your body is water by weight and it’s actually closer to 70% by volume. I’ve been told that 70% of headaches are due to dehydration. Every system and control system in the body requires water. Since your body is an organic aquarium, all of its functions are water dependent. All of your body’s nutrients are in a solution that requires specific ratios of water to nutrients for optimal functioning. When you’re thirsty, drink water, not soft drinks. Your body is telling you it has a job to do and it needs water to do it. It doesn’t need 30 grams of sugar, artificial food coloring, carbonation and acidity. Those are probably some of the things it trying to purge itself of! I could probably write a book on the all the adverse health effects that drinking soft drinks cause.The bottom line is to drink plenty of water. The amount of physical activity and your size will determine how much water to drink. A good rule of thumb is to not wait until you get thirsty to get a drink. If you’re engaged in intense physical activity or outside somewhere where it is hot, it may be too late to properly hydrate once you feel thirst coming on, so stay of ahead of your thirst. Be careful though not to bloat yourself to the point where you feel like you’re going to hurl.

4. Physical activity- You have to move. I was actually going to start listing all of the body functions that are dependent on movement, but I didn’t want to sit here all day writing a long boring list that no one would read. A physical activity that you enjoy and can do long term is what you are going to want to incorporate. I can give you the most effective workout in the world, but if you don’t enjoy it, you are most likely not going to stick with it. The key is to find the most effective activity that you enjoy. Enjoying exercise all plays into the proper “MINDSET” that you need for long term success.

There it is. Now you have the secret to weight loss. Just remember knowledge isn’t power, but “specific knowledge applied is power”!

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