Why Eat Raw Foods?

Some people tend to think that food is food, and cooking it or eating it raw doesn’t really make a difference. While it is obviously better to eat cooked healthy food rather than junk foods, there are even more benefits to be had when you eat those same healthy foods raw. When you cook foods, many of the vitamins and phytonutrients are destroyed or damaged, making them less available for proper... read more

Greater Than Your Circumstance

Your behavior is the outward expression of your attitude. When it comes to weight loss and fitness, attitude is everything! Whatever shape you are in, your current level of knowledge, belief, thinking and action got you there and is not sufficient to get you out. You must become greater than your circumstance. You are the steward of your being. You are in charge of your thoughts, words, attitude and... read more

Weight Loss Mindset?

A couple of months ago I wrote an article called “Weight Loss, Mindset & Expectations.”  I want to clarify something when it comes to the proper mindset.  When losing weight, proper focus is the key.  If you focus on just losing weight, your success will most likely not be permanent.  We all know someone who explains how they’ve just lost “x” amount of pounds over a given amount of time, yet their... read more

The Weight Loss Secret

Years ago I was taught “The Secret” to weight loss: 1. Think long term- There is no magic pill to weight loss and fitness. Think about it. If there was something magical to help you to achieve your goals it wouldn’t be scientific or rational. There wouldn’t be consequences when using it such as weight fluctuations, gaining back more weight than you lost, mood swings, self-esteem issues, low energy,... read more