The Weight Loss Secret

Years ago I was taught “The Secret” to weight loss: 1. Think long term- There is no magic pill to weight loss and fitness. Think about it. If there was something magical to help you to achieve your goals it wouldn’t be scientific or rational. There wouldn’t be consequences when using it such as weight fluctuations, gaining back more weight than you lost, mood swings, self-esteem issues, low energy,... read more

Healthy Self-Image

For any successful and permanent change to take place we have to start with our “Self Concept.” Self-Concept is the foundation on which your personal success must be built. Self-Concept is how you see yourself (self-image).  If your vision or goal exceeds your self-concept you will fail. A negative self-concept is accompanied by low self-esteem, therefore you will believe that you don’t deserve success or... read more