More About Specificity of Training

Last week I talked about “Specificity of Training.”  I wanted to clarify something in that article. I wasn’t putting together a boxing workout per se’, I was making the point that when you are training for a specific sport, you have to train the movements specific to that sport. In the last article I put together a brief boxing workout that was intended to be a sample workout to make my point. I just... read more

Results are Efficacious!

When it comes to losing weight, you simply have to believe it’s possible. There are certain factors that come into play before you even begin a workout and healthy eating plan. First, understand the process is long term and it is a gradual lifestyle change. Second, manage your expectations. Your motivation is fueled by your expectations, but you are only going to expect what you believe you can... read more


Motivation is that inner drive that keeps you going long after the initial emotion that prompted you into action has long since faded. Motivation is based on expectation. Expectation fuels motivation. Therefore you must bring strong focus and visualization to produce the right expectations. Your beliefs will determine what you visualize and expect. A belief is something that you hold to be true. Your mind... read more