It’s right around the corner; the first day of the New Year and everything is going to be different from now on. How often have we told ourselves this? More importantly, how often have we told ourselves this, but ended up failing miserably within the first few days or weeks, and then we’re right back to our old routine? Why do so many Americans want to do something good in their lives, but then it winds... read more

Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle choices require discipline. There is no getting around that. Remember bad habits are easy to get and hard to live with, while good habits are hard to get and easy to live with. Lifestyle choices are all about establishing and maintaining good habits. For example, instead of starting your day by reading the paper, drinking coffee and eating some fattening, sugar laden breakfast that gives you a... read more


Motivation is that inner drive that keeps you going long after the initial emotion that prompted you into action has long since faded. Motivation is based on expectation. Expectation fuels motivation. Therefore you must bring strong focus and visualization to produce the right expectations. Your beliefs will determine what you visualize and expect. A belief is something that you hold to be true. Your mind... read more