Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera!

You may have noticed one of the ingredients in the Heart Beet cold pressed juice from Ze/Lin is aloe vera juice. When most people think of aloe, it usually coincides with summer and sunburn: the cooling sensation of aloe vera gel on hot, sunburned skin. The healthy benefits of aloe vera do not stop with just its external applications. Here are a few more benefits from the aloe plant you may be unaware of.... read more

Just Beet It!

The beet is often an overlooked food, but one that packs a nutritional punch. At Ze/Lin, they like to include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in their smoothies to offer maximum nutritional value, and one of their favorite foods is the beet. Beets are an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B and C, folic acid, potassium, magnesium and iron. But the benefits of... read more

10 Reasons to Start Raw Juicing Now!

Raw fruit and vegetable juicing provide an instant infusion of raw nutrition in a whole food matrix providing your body with an array of life sustaining benefits: 1. A concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals,, phytonutrients, and enzymes that are naturally balanced for nearly 100% hundred percent absorbability! 2. You cannot get vitamin toxicity or a vitamin/mineral imbalance from raw fruit and vegetable... read more

Do You Know About These Superfoods?

You have probably heard the term “superfood” tossed around lately. These foods are being incorporated into more and more nutrition plans because they are so packed full of goodness and illness-fighting nutrients. There are plenty of superfoods out there to choose from, but here is a short list of some of our top picks. Avocados – An excellent source of healthy fats, which most Americans are lacking in.... read more

Mindful Eating

Eating mindfully is about living in the moment and enjoying the social and sensory experience of eating, while focusing on the taste and texture of the food. This is how you will begin to change your taste for the foods you eat. When eating mindfully, you will begin to be conscious of the foods you are putting in your body and what effect they are having. Enjoying the experience and thoroughly chewing... read more

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