The Weight Loss Secret

Years ago I was taught “The Secret” to weight loss: 1. Think long term- There is no magic pill to weight loss and fitness. Think about it. If there was something magical to help you to achieve your goals it wouldn’t be scientific or rational. There wouldn’t be consequences when using it such as weight fluctuations, gaining back more weight than you lost, mood swings, self-esteem issues, low energy,... read more

Perfect Food the Amazing Super Food

Perfect Food the Amazing Super Food Why Eat Alkaline? When it comes to what you put in your body other than if you smoke, drink alcohol, or take drugs eating is the most impactful thing that you do. No other choice that you make influences your health more than your choice in “what you eat.” Your body is always striving to achieve balance. When you eat unhealthy food your body will tap into it’s alkaline... read more