What Happens to Aspartame in the Human Body?

In a previous article, we discussed various artificial sweeteners and some of their pros and cons. In this article we are going to get a little more in-depth as to what exactly happens within the human body when the artificial sweetener aspartame is consumed. This article is not meant to try to sway anyone one way or another on their stance concerning aspartame, but only to give you the facts. During the... read more

Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera!

You may have noticed one of the ingredients in the Heart Beet cold pressed juice from Ze/Lin is aloe vera juice. When most people think of aloe, it usually coincides with summer and sunburn: the cooling sensation of aloe vera gel on hot, sunburned skin. The healthy benefits of aloe vera do not stop with just its external applications. Here are a few more benefits from the aloe plant you may be unaware of.... read more