Thoughts on Alkaline Water

I’m a big fan of alkaline water, and we use it at ZeLin. The battle in your body is all about pH levels, acidity and oxidation. The more alkaline foods and drinks we can put in our body, the more it will slow down the oxidation (aging) process of free radicals. I spent years eating vegetables with a high alkalinity, not thinking about the water I drink. Many bottled waters contain a pH lower than human... read more

More reasons why I’m a raw juice advocate!

Raw juice is unprocessed, nutrient dense and easily absorbed. It has not been heated, as heating food above 118 degrees F denatures the food, and as a by-product produces toxins and carcinogens. Raw juice is alkaline forming which gives you more energy and reduces acidity. By reducing acidity, you are neutralizing “oxidation” caused by free radical electrons, which causes premature aging! Raw juice is... read more

Perfect Food the Amazing Super Food

Perfect Food the Amazing Super Food Why Eat Alkaline? When it comes to what you put in your body other than if you smoke, drink alcohol, or take drugs eating is the most impactful thing that you do. No other choice that you make influences your health more than your choice in “what you eat.” Your body is always striving to achieve balance. When you eat unhealthy food your body will tap into it’s alkaline... read more