Stimulant-Free Energy

At Ze/Lin and at, we’re not too fond of having to rely on stimulants for our everyday energy needs. Every day, millions and millions of people rush to the nearest coffee house or brew up some java at home in order to “get ready for the day.” How many times have you heard (or said), “Not until I’ve had my coffee”? With coffee being such a staple, is there a better way to “get your fix” during the day?

The answer of course, is yes.

A great way to start off your day and provide energy that lasts with no crash is with a fresh smoothie or juice. There are dozens of different recipes to choose from, and each offers a wide range of healthy benefits in addition to improving energy levels.

Stimulants may provide quick energy now, but it doesn’t last long and you will undoubtedly feel groggy later, probably wanting more of the stimulant. The human body also adapts very quickly to stimulants, and that means more and more will be required to illicit the same response. Stimulants do not fix the problem, they merely postpone it.

By providing your body with healthy, raw foods in a smoothie or juice, you are giving your body a steady, slow-burning fuel source that will last and last. Raw foods are also jammed with enzymes, which improve digestion and increase nutrient uptake. Enzymes from raw sources give your digestive system a break, and a major cause of sluggishness and low energy is an overworked digestive system.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop in to Ze/Lin for a fresh smoothie or juice to start your day off right. Or you can always start juicing right in the comfort of your own home. Either way, adding a healthy smoothie or juice to your day will give you energy that lasts, without the negatives of a stimulant.

By: James Van Dyne

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