Results are Efficacious!

When it comes to losing weight, you simply have to believe it’s possible.
There are certain factors that come into play before you even begin a workout and healthy eating plan.
First, understand the process is long term and it is a gradual lifestyle change.
Second, manage your expectations.
Your motivation is fueled by your expectations, but you are only going to expect what you believe you can accomplish.
This is where self-efficacy comes into play.
Self-efficacy is the belief in yourself that you can succeed at achieving a goal or task and that you are capable and competent in a particular function or occupation.
Self-efficacy is built upon accomplishment and is strengthened when we believe success is a result of our own effort.
I like to think of it as a pillar made up of an accumulation of wins.
Years ago when I studied Matsubayashi Ryu Karate, my instructor told me a story of how you achieve mastery in martial arts.
He said every time you come to class it’s like winning a tiny, but not insignificant battle.
One battle does not win the war, but every time you come to class you notch another small victory.
Over time and many battles you gain knowledge, experience and become battle tested.
That knowledge and experience transforms you and your path becomes set.The momentum leading toward success is set in motion.
Your belief that you will become a black belt is firm and assured.
It is the accumulation of those many small victories that wins you the war!
Every small victory transforms you and you begin to truly understand that success lies in the journey.
If you have a setback, don’t dwell on it.Get back up and move forward!
The more successes you have, the stronger your self-efficacy becomes.
Self-efficacy allows you believe something is possible if someone else has accomplished the same task.
All you need to know is that it is possible. Many people have earned a black belt and many more have lost weight and gotten in shape so it is VERY POSSIBLE!
People with high self-efficacy thrive on being told they can’t do something. Challenge increases their determination.
Self-efficacy encourages you to take on more challenges, thus gaining more experiences and in turn experiencing more success which strengthens self-efficacy even more!
Attach your successes to who you are. Believe you are someone who can accomplish what you determine to accomplish, but when you fail, accept failure as a prerequisite to winning.
You must fail in order to gain the knowledge and wisdom needed to succeed.
With this philosophy you will always expect to succeed no matter how many setbacks you have. Even when you do have a setback which you will, know that you are still headed in the right direction.
When your belief in your own capabilities is so high that it is no longer questioned, your attitude will shift from “if” you can succeed to “You are on the path to success right now.”
People with low self-efficacy can feel overwhelmed by simple mundane tasks so they never try or put forth sufficient effort.
People who are not efficacious feel helpless.
Low self-efficacy leads one to be easily discouraged or to believe that any obstacle in their path is an indication they can’t accomplish it.
They don’t see failure as the learning experience that it is.
If you want succeed, you have to have a certain number of failures.
The vast majority of the time you will always learn more from your failures than your successes. Failure teaches you what not to do. Negative experiences hold more impact and have a more permanent impact than positive ones.
There is no power in the past! Troubleshoot your failures, don’t dwell on them!
People with high self-efficacy expect to succeed.
Self-efficacy is not self-delusion. If you are 5’2 and not supremely athletically gifted, you are never going to be the UFC heavyweight champ, but self-efficacy gives you the confidence to learn MMA or one of the disciplines of MMA such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and still become expert at it .
There are certain endeavors that are beyond our capabilities. Accepting our limitations is not doubt, it’s just being realistic.
Applying what you have just learned to a healthy eating and exercise regimen is this:
Plan your meals and workouts, then log each meal and workout on a calendar or planner.
By logging your meals and workouts you will have a visual record of your progress
Set specific reasonable goals for weight loss (no more than 2 lbs/week).
Remember you can’t bypass the process and never compromise your health for rapid weight loss.
If you have a setback like maybe you drank a milkshake or missed a workout, record that also because when you hit a sticking point you’ll know why and be able to correct it.
Having a calendar or planner of events and seeing your accumulation of workouts and healthy meals will strengthen your belief in your ability to discipline yourself to embark upon this journey and transform yourself.

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