rich-running-on-beach-199x300Motivation is that inner drive that keeps you going long after the initial emotion that prompted you into action has long since faded.

Motivation is based on expectation.

Expectation fuels motivation.

Therefore you must bring strong focus and visualization to produce the right expectations.

Your beliefs will determine what you visualize and expect.

A belief is something that you hold to be true.

Your mind doesn’t care if it’s true or not, only that you believe in it.

This is why it is so important to carefully choose your thoughts.

You must carefully examine your beliefs and how you arrived at them.

All beliefs that diminish your self worth and self efficacy must be weeded out.

You have to challenge the validity of these beliefs.

You challenge them by accepting they are a created being with a uniqueness and God given worth that only you have the power to diminish or embrace by the strength of your beliefs.

If your expected outcome does not align with your level of self worth you will procrastinate or not passionately strive toward your goal.

You will ultimately sabotage your success.

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