Mindful Eating

Eating mindfully is about living in the moment and enjoying the social and sensory experience of eating, while focusing on the taste and texture of the food. This is how you will begin to change your taste for the foods you eat. When eating mindfully, you will begin to be conscious of the foods you are putting in your body and what effect they are having. Enjoying the experience and thoroughly chewing guards against over-eating, which in turn prevents that guilty feeling that comes with gluttony. Eat until you feel satisfied, not necessarily full or stuffed. Pay attention to the foods that cause indigestion, fatigue, brain fog or other negative effects. Eat foods that make you feel vibrant and energetic.


I feel very strongly about thanking God for his provision and being grateful. Mealtime should be a time that you set aside and put off whatever concerns you have. Make these small segments in your day be stress free and relaxing.

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