Ideal Body Requires Ideal Self Image

self-image6-150x150Most of us would like a better body, but the problem is most people have never developed the habits that lead to their ideal body.
Here’s the secret: “In order to change your body you must change your vocabulary.”
What you say to yourself is critical to your physical transformation.
Your words are how you describe the body you want to your conscious and subconscious mind.
When I talk to myself (yes I do talk to myself but only when no one is watching!) I describe how I see myself.
I say things like “I have an athletic, lean, toned body.
I am clean cut and I speak intelligently.
I have a voice that deserves to be heard.
My opinion matters.
I always put forth the effort to accomplish what I set out to do.”
These phrases are anchors so that when things that are outside of my control such as some rude person making a condescending remark about me, I can then compare that remark against my anchor and consciously choose to block or internalize it based on the remarks congruent with my self-image.
What I’m about to tell you now is very important so please read on!
The more you begin to describe your self-image to yourself, the more your subconscious will begin to accept the new program and discard the the old one.
Remember your subconscious cannot distinguish fact from fiction. It simply requires that you believe what you are saying.
If you believe your description, your subconscious will integrate the new image because that’s what it is, you describing yourself to yourself.
Once this new self-image is formed in your mind, your subconscious will go about the task of making sure that your actions are in alignment with your belief in your new self-image.
It will do this by enacting your emotions and feelings.
Emotions are the language of the soul and feelings are the language of the body.
Whenever your words or actions are contradictory to your self-image you will have a negative emotional response to that action or comment.
The emotional response may be anger, frustration, sadness, etc.
Your subconscious is doing this because it wants to achieve balance and harmony so it speaks to your mind and body in its own language and it tells it not to contradict the image it has.
The beauty of this mechanism is that you tend to move away from pain so when you do something that causes pain you develop an aversion to it. This is how your subconscious stops you from practicing self-defeating behavior.
Another important point that needs to be addressed is when you first start changing your vocabulary all self-deprecating words must stop.
When you say, “I’m fat, I’m okay but not that attractive, I’m lazy, etc.” You are not being humble or true to yourself.
You are giving your subconscious bad input, thus limiting your personal growth.
If you tell yourself something enough times you will begin to believe it whether it is true or not.
Once you’ve bought into your new self-image you will have laid the groundwork for a successful physical transformation.
This is the crucial first step toward change.
Remember we must upgrade the software before we can upgrade the hardware!
Once this groundwork is laid, you must then start to write down a plan of measurable goals with a specific timeline for achieving them.
You will need an effective workout regime and eating plan.
So check back to my website as me and my team post new articles on diet and exercise.

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