Healthy Self-Image


For any successful and permanent change to take place we have to start with our “Self Concept.”

Self-Concept is the foundation on which your personal success must be built.

Self-Concept is how you see yourself (self-image).  If your vision or goal exceeds your self-concept you will fail.

A negative self-concept is accompanied by low self-esteem, therefore you will believe that you don’t deserve success or happiness. Negative self-concept also fosters the belief that you don’t have the ability to achieve your desired outcome.

I want to begin this journey with this in mind “you were created with the uniqueness and value that was given to you by God.”

This value cannot truly be taken away from you, however what you believe about yourself will dictate what course of action you will take and how much you put into it.

As we adopt a new healthy lifestyle, we will also adopt a new way of thinking and speaking.

This is absolutely critical to our success.

Remember thoughts dictate our attitudes, our attitudes determine our habits and our habits determine our circumstance and ultimately our destiny.

Our words are our keys to thought so we must choose them wisely.

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