Greater Than Your Circumstance

Your behavior is the outward expression of your attitude. When it comes to weight loss and fitness, attitude is everything! Whatever shape you are in, your current level of knowledge, belief, thinking and action got you there and is not sufficient to get you out. You must become greater than your circumstance. You are the steward of your being. You are in charge of your thoughts, words, attitude and actions. Change will be commensurate with the amount of knowledge that you acquire and application of that knowledge.

Here’s how it works: you acquire knowledge and through self-discipline you apply it. By repeating that action, the knowledge becomes experiential and begins to become a habit. But now it is a trained habit that through the strength of your will, you implemented by design. The more that habit is repeated, the more efficient that habit or preprogrammed set of actions become. Now you have a skill, even it is something as simple as planning out your cheat meals. Those meals are now by design because you have put the mental programming in place to only eat them at the prescribed times. Remember practicing a skill over and over leads to mastery and with mastery comes wisdom. You’ll hear me repeat this over and over: Repetition is the mother of skill and skill is the mother of confidence. When you have confidence, you have belief in something built upon success, not just talk without action. Once you have created one habit you can create another, then another and so on because you have the confidence supported by past success. Success begets success!

In order to become greater than your circumstance, you must become greater than your present situation, environment, thinking, and associative memories. Become aware of your impulses. Pay attention to what triggered them. Do you unconsciously act out your impulses and cravings? When your impulses arise, ask yourself what skill you need to deal with it. Willpower is not enough when it comes to powerful cravings and bad habits. Learning how to deal with the expectation and the chemical processes of the brain requires knowledge and skill, which in turn expands the mindset. Willpower is a tool that if improperly applied can exacerbate the problem. You don’t use willpower alone to fight cravings and impulses. You use willpower to acquire knowledge that you turn into repeated action, which over time becomes a skill that leads to a solution. Remember losers are excuse-oriented and winners are solution -oriented. By becoming someone who seeks solutions through knowledge and skill, you will become greater than your circumstance.

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