Every successful endeavor must have conviction. Conviction is defined as a fixed or firmly held belief, the state of being convinced. When it pertains to fitness it is the belief that you have a right to be healthy and the ability to achieve it. Conviction is gained by seeing the value and benefit of being fit such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, increased muscle mass and tone, lower body fat, less susceptibility to sickness, increased energy and libido, better mental clarity, less mood swings, etc…

In order to fuel your convictions you must decide what is valuable to you. What benefits will make you happy and give you purpose. Write them down and read them out loud every day. Speak this reality into existence and then take action.

“The first principle of success is desire-knowing what you want. Desire is the planting of your seed.- Robert Collier” I would add this ”Turn desire into a conviction!” Knowing what you want is the first step but believing it is possible transforms it into a passion!

Once you are convicted you will be compelled to take action. You believe you can achieve it and the expectation of achievement will sustain your efforts over the course of time long after the initial emotions that got you fired up have faded away.

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