Conscious Eating

Eating is a self-sustaining act and you should bring full awareness to it.mh9003635183-150x150

What I mean by that is eating should be restorative and revitalizing, therefore you need to be conscious of what you eat and develop an appetite for food that is healthy.
When you give in to cravings, you satisfy an expectation that excites your senses.
If you crave good, nutritious food, this is actually a good thing, but if you’re craving junk, this is bad for a couple of different reasons I’m about to go over.
Food that is nutritionally dense will not make you binge eat because it meets your nutritional needs and your body will become satisfied (ie.. Try eating a whole bag of apples at one time, after 2 of them you become satisfied, but try eating a bag of chocolate chip cookies. It’s much easier because the nutritional value is much lower, so to become satisfied you have to eat so much more).
Also, junk food zaps your energy because it takes energy from your body in order to digest it.
Junk food and processed food have very few, if any, enzymes in them, so your body has to use its own enzyme reserve to process it through your body. (Enzymes are biological proteins that speed or enable every chemical reaction in your body. Without them you would die).
In order to eat consciously, you have to develop good taste.
Train yourself to enjoy nutritious food by changing your attitude toward food.
Every time you eat, be grateful and savor your food.
Make yourself aware that there is a greater purpose to what you’re eating than just satisfying a craving, you are becoming your ideal self and you are giving your body the building blocks to achieve that.
Make rules for yourself that will ensure that you eat less junk, such as don’t have dessert until after you eat.
If you have to have some type of sugary dessert, make sure you eat a reasonable portion and eat it earlier in the day.
Slowly try to cut down the portion size and replace desserts with something less refined like a piece of raw fruit!
Experiment with different “Healthy Recipes.” You will find healthy dishes that you do like and when you eat them, tell yourself and/or the people you are eating with how much you like it.
This actually very important because if you remember from some of my other articles I told you that “words are your keys to thought.”
You are reaffirming to your subconscious mind what you want it to register. Remember your subconscious doesn’t care if something is true or not, only that you believe it.
I know you may be thinking that you are lying to yourself, but you are lying to yourself when you tell yourself that you love some fattening, insulin spiking, artery clogging junk that saps your energy and has mightily contributed to bad health and taken you away from your ideal self-image.
Reaffirming to yourself that the food you are eating you enjoy is a form of positive self-talk.
What you are doing by consciously eating is becoming your ideal self by creating a pathway to make conscious choices about what you eat and reaffirming those choices with your words, so choose them wisely.
You are taking back control from your body by no longer allowing it to make dietary choices for you through it’s cravings.
You are harmonizing your mind and body. This is the beginning of getting emotional eating under control and the beginning of conscious eating

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