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It’s right around the corner; the first day of the New Year and everything is going to be different from now on. How often have we told ourselves this? More importantly, how often have we told ourselves this, but ended up failing miserably within the first few days or weeks, and then we’re right back to our old routine? Why do so many Americans want to do something good in their lives, but then it winds... read more

The Four Pillars of Health Pt 3: Adequate Sleep

The Four Pillars of Health Part Three: Adequate Sleep God rested on the seventh day of creating the universe, and if the Almighty took advantage of resting, we should too. Scientists have been researching the benefits of sleep for decades, and although they are still unsure why we sleep, they do understand many of the benefits of this seemingly simple function. It may seem fairly obvious that sleep offers... read more

Mental Reps

Mental reps is about visualizing and focusing on actions that produce a desired outcome. You have to be very specific when you visualize yourself performing an action or set of actions because you are wiring a mind/body connection to a particular set of actions. You are mentally building a skill set. One of my MMA coaches said when he was wrestling in college, he was taught to have three mental practices... read more

Brain Health

All too often, the focus of our health and fitness plan is our body. After all, everyone sees your body (at least most of it) and we want to feel good about the way we look. Here’s the thing though; beauty will fade, and muscles will shrink. When you’re 65 years old, you probably won’t be getting checked out by those twenty-year-olds. So if your good looks and tight body fade, what will you have to rely... read more

Become Health Conscious

I want to address a very important issue and that is one of being health conscious. There are so many small choices that we make throughout the day that affect our health, that I believe that we have to preplan and make predetermined choices concerning what we eat, how much and how frequently we eat, and how we prepare our food. Being health conscious also includes our choices to take over-the-counter... read more

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