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Rich’s Latest Answers To Your Questions

Hey Ace, How are you doing? To start, truly appreciate your advice on a more healthy lifestyle, so thanks. I’m an aspiring rock climber, I’ve recently started to do more workouts at the gym, I’ve quit smoking and drinking, YEAH, since you can’t do half half, you’ve got to go the full yard. So my question is, I do have a weight problem, but I’m not fat. I’ve got the “skinny” genes. I do eat like about 6... read more

Rich’s Answers to your questions 7/16/12

Thank you all for all your questions and comments. Below are some answers to questions submitted on this website up to July 23rd. My answers are in bold/italic: Ben Stubbs When you were recovering from surgery did you train the other arm/shoulder in upper body workouts or did you rest it until your other was healed?  I have been doing lots of research on it and people seem to say the injured arm benefits... read more