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Inaction Produces Results!

As human beings we have been given an incredible ability to create. We have the power to conceptualize a vision, focus on that vision and take appropriate action to make that vision a reality. The basic premise here is that an idea must be applied to action in order for it to become a reality rather than a fantasy. A want without action is a wish. Herein lies our blessing and our curse. We are dynamic... read more

Perfect Food the Amazing Super Food

Perfect Food the Amazing Super Food Why Eat Alkaline? When it comes to what you put in your body other than if you smoke, drink alcohol, or take drugs eating is the most impactful thing that you do. No other choice that you make influences your health more than your choice in “what you eat.” Your body is always striving to achieve balance. When you eat unhealthy food your body will tap into it’s alkaline... read more

Why you need “carbs”

You need “CARBS” to burn fat. You need carbs for high intensity exercise and proper mental function. The idea behind the low-carb and no carb diet plans is that you are forcing your body to utilize fat as its fuel source. When you are engaged in aerobic activity at a low intensity level you are burning fat primarily as your fuel source. You should be aware that fat only burns when carbs burn, fat burns in... read more

Attitude Towards Food

Your attitude towards food not only has to be about healthy eating but also about how you can maximize your energy. This is why raw food is so important. The thing to remember here is that energy is the ability to do work so without energy you cannot fuel your passion or maximize your time. Time and energy are the 2 most valuable resources that you have. This is why your attitude towards food is so... read more

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