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Choose Your New Body!

One of the best ways to find long-term motivation is to find someone with a body type that you desire and create a mental picture in your mind of being built in that image. Be sure the image that you choose is one that fits your frame. If you’re 5’2 and have wide hips and narrow shoulders, you probably wouldn’t choose Georges St. Pierre as a model image, although if that is what truly motivates you then... read more

More About Specificity of Training

Last week I talked about “Specificity of Training.”  I wanted to clarify something in that article. I wasn’t putting together a boxing workout per se’, I was making the point that when you are training for a specific sport, you have to train the movements specific to that sport. In the last article I put together a brief boxing workout that was intended to be a sample workout to make my point. I just... read more

Acesway gets a minute with rich franklin by Bill Daria

Bill:  Hey Rich, I know you just got back from your fight in Brazil and you are probably still trying to unwind, but we appreciate you giving us a few minutes to answer a few questions for your fans.  Before we get into nutrition, lets talk about the fight. How did you feel to finally climb into the cage after nearly a year and a half layoff? Rich:  Well, to be honest, I had a ton riding on this fight. I... read more

The Weight Loss Secret

Years ago I was taught “The Secret” to weight loss: 1. Think long term- There is no magic pill to weight loss and fitness. Think about it. If there was something magical to help you to achieve your goals it wouldn’t be scientific or rational. There wouldn’t be consequences when using it such as weight fluctuations, gaining back more weight than you lost, mood swings, self-esteem issues, low energy,... read more

Ideal Body Requires Ideal Self Image

Most of us would like a better body, but the problem is most people have never developed the habits that lead to their ideal body. Here’s the secret: “In order to change your body you must change your vocabulary.” What you say to yourself is critical to your physical transformation. Your words are how you describe the body you want to your conscious and subconscious mind. When I talk to myself (yes I do... read more

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