Brain Health

All too often, the focus of our health and fitness plan is our body. After all, everyone sees your body (at least most of it) and we want to feel good about the way we look. Here’s the thing though; beauty will fade, and muscles will shrink. When you’re 65 years old, you probably won’t be getting checked out by those twenty-year-olds. So if your good looks and tight body fade, what will you have to rely on in your golden years?

Your brain. That is, if you treat it right. So how do we take care of our brain? Avoiding zombies is one way, but until that set of survival skills is necessary, there is actually an abundance of simple and easy ways to treat this organ with the care and respect it so rightly deserves.

Read a Book: Americans spend way too much time in front of the television, and there’s a reason it used to be referred to as the “idiot box”. Instead of plopping down in front of the TV for hours on end, find a good book and get wrapped up in it. Books force you to use your imagination and provide a mental stimulus. Most people don’t know this, especially because books don’t get the amount of advertising that TV and movies do, but Americans spend billions of dollars on books every year. In 2011, Americans spent $10 billion on romance novels alone!1 highly successful to begin with.

Put a Puzzle Together: Sounds like something a child would do, right? Well the next time you think a puzzle is for kids, break out one of those 1,000-piece monsters and find out just how tough a puzzle can be. You’re forcing your brain to work hard by shape and color recognition and even speed. Plus, a lifetime of puzzle building may help to ward off Alzheimer’s disease.2

Play Word Games: Word games are a great way to provide mental stimulus, especially while you’re on-the-go or even relaxing at the beach. It’s not very convenient to lug a puzzle around with you, but a book of word games is portable, convenient, and provides a variety of puzzles in one small book. Choose from Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word finds and many others.

So while the sexy lines or bulging muscles may fade with age, your mind does not have to. But just like your muscles, the brain requires its own workouts. If you work up that mental sweat on a daily basis, your brain will thank you.

1 Romance Writers of America

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