Thoughts on Alkaline Water

I’m a big fan of alkaline water, and we use it at ZeLin. The battle in your body is all about pH levels, acidity and oxidation. The more alkaline foods and drinks we can put in our body, the more it will slow down the oxidation (aging) process of free radicals. I spent years eating vegetables with a high alkalinity, not thinking about the water I drink. Many bottled waters contain a pH lower than human... read more

More reasons why I’m a raw juice advocate!

Raw juice is unprocessed, nutrient dense and easily absorbed. It has not been heated, as heating food above 118 degrees F denatures the food, and as a by-product produces toxins and carcinogens. Raw juice is alkaline forming which gives you more energy and reduces acidity. By reducing acidity, you are neutralizing “oxidation” caused by free radical electrons, which causes premature aging! Raw juice is... read more

What Happens to Aspartame in the Human Body?

In a previous article, we discussed various artificial sweeteners and some of their pros and cons. In this article we are going to get a little more in-depth as to what exactly happens within the human body when the artificial sweetener aspartame is consumed. This article is not meant to try to sway anyone one way or another on their stance concerning aspartame, but only to give you the facts. During the... read more

Stimulant-Free Energy

At Ze/Lin and at, we’re not too fond of having to rely on stimulants for our everyday energy needs. Every day, millions and millions of people rush to the nearest coffee house or brew up some java at home in order to “get ready for the day.” How many times have you heard (or said), “Not until I’ve had my coffee”? With coffee being such a staple, is there a better way to “get your fix”... read more

Benefits Of The Coconut

The coconut has been a staple in the diets of many islanders and has been steadily gaining popularity in our culture today. Once you get past the hard, hairy shell of this giant nut, you will find a nutritious core which provides healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. The coconut is so highly valued in some cultures that it has been given the name, “Tree of Life.” Just a few of the many benefits of... read more

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