10 Reasons to Start Raw Juicing Now!

Raw fruit and vegetable juicing provide an instant infusion of raw nutrition in a whole food matrix providing your body with an array of life sustaining benefits:

1. A concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals,, phytonutrients, and enzymes that are naturally balanced for nearly

mg_4028100% hundred percent absorbability!

2. You cannot get vitamin toxicity or a vitamin/mineral imbalance from raw fruit and vegetable juice.

3. Nutrition in a “PILL” is nowhere near as potent as raw fruit and vegetable juicing (even the ones that say “high potency” because they do not provide a natural balance and only about 7-12% of their nutrients are even absorbed).

4. Raw juice contains helper nutrients that work synergistically with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that enhance and enable them them to perform functions they could not do on their own.

5.  It estimated that there are over 2000 of these helper nutrients that are yet to be identified, so you won’t find them in even the highest quality vitamin pills, but they are contained in raw juice!

6. Raw juicing hydrates your body and replenishes your limited enzyme reserve (something else you can’t get in a pill).

 7. Raw juice “supercharges” your immunity by replenishing your vitamin, mineral, and enzyme reserve, giving your immune system it’s ability to breakdown and eliminate foreign microbes.

8. Because of it’s life giving properties, you get a real “energy boost” from raw juice and not a chemical stimulation!

9. Raw juice is minimally processed, meaning it was put through a juicer in a raw state and that is the extent of the process. Because of this, it contains virtually all of it’s nutrients.

10. Raw juice can be made to suit your palate and treat a variety of conditions.

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