Rich’s Typical Daily Nutrition Plan

Rich Franklin’s Typical Daily Nutrition Plan

I’ve been getting a lot of requests as to what a normal day looks like for me from the nutritional

standpoint, so here it is. It has taken years of fine-tuning my nutrition plan to find out what works best for

me, so if you’re planning to incorporate my nutrition plan into your daily life, you may want to hang on for a


Just because it works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you. Experiment. Do some test runs to

see how well you like certain foods or how your body reacts to them. That’s how I came up with my

nutrition plan. Once you find out what works best for you, following a plan is going to be much easier.

Meal 1: Blended Green Smoothie (kale, broccoli, parsley, mint, grapefruit…or something similar)

Protein Shake: egg whites, coconut oil, cacao, cinnamon, chia seeds, protein powder

Meal 2: Ground chicken breast, black beans, guacamole

Meal 3: Same protein shake as Meal 1

Meal 4: Salmon, baked sweet potato, juice (made from Ze/Lin), salad

Meal 5: Typically the same as Meal 2, although sometimes without the beans

I’m big on carbohydrate timing, and I only give them to my body when it needs the fuel. The timing of

the sweet potato and what type of juice I drink will depend on the type of workout and the workload.

Aside from my morning green drink, my favorite cold pressed juice of Ze/Lin’s is our Grass Roots. It has

carrots, celery, beets, red bell pepper, kale and ginger.

Again, my nutrition plan has taken a long time to fine-tune in order for me to get the most benefit from

it. Take your time when putting together your own meal plan, and don’t be afraid to experiment. You

can’t go wrong with plenty of organic fruits and vegetables and of course, stay away from the highly

processed junk foods that offer little nutritional value.

When your nutrition plan starts falling into place, you will begin to notice more energy, and a better

looking physique and most importantly, improved overall health.

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